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It’s specialized in cable ties, nail clips、insulated terminals

Date:11/14/2012 09:27:37 AM

NINGBO FENGTAI PLASTIC ELECTRIC CO., LTD. was founded in 2013, It covered area of more than 60000m2 and consists of more than 30 first class. And more than 300 workers with experience.

It’s specialized in cable ties, nail clips、insulated terminals, terminal blocks, wire connectors, cable markers, spiral wrapping bands, heat shrinkable tubing, expand nails, cable gland, set pieces and other electric&electronic accessories and tools, etc. it’s one of the leading manufacturer in China.

It obtained international quality system of ISO9001:2008 and safety of approvals of CE, RoHS, UL of experiment and powerful technical force. All of the world has its network system of sales and services.

The higher quality and good services of the factory satisfied customers all of the world. It has been trusted by its customers for its high quality. Thus, by diversifying its business, the factory has successfully improved its competition and further expanded its foreign markets. Welcome to visit our factory at your free time and expect your long time cooperation.

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